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The Regulatory Authority for energy is 20 years old, continuity and innovation for energy and the environment

Milan, December 05, 2016

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The Regulatory Authority for energy turns 20, the first meeting of the Regulatory Authority for energy and gas having been held on 4 December 1996. After two terms of the council and one year away from the end of the third, 945 Board meetings and over 8500 approved acts, here comes the twenty-year anniversary of the Institution created to protect all consumers in the nascent electricity and gas markets and promote competition, service quality and standardized use throughout the country, under economically viable conditions and while taking into account general objectives including the social sphere, environmental protection and efficient use of resources. Law 481 of 1995 established it and set forth its ambitious programme, which over the years has dealt with the rapid evolution of the first regulation sectors and the new integrated water system and district heating competences developed from 2012, while continued compliance with the various EU directives have further legitimized its role and functions.

The Regulatory Authority for Electricity Gas and Water (AEEGSI) after twenty years of operation, renews in the continuity  adapting  to the changes of the System, as its two main areas of operation, energy and the environment, are now joined together. This twenty-year anniversary is being celebrated with a special logo, which will be seen everywhere next to the institutional one and along with the various initiatives that will be organised to analyse these two decades of regulation, while looking forward to the challenges of the coming years.

logo aeegsi 20