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Provisions on the allocation of storage capacity on monthly or less basis and mechanisms to manage contractual congestion in storage capacity use

April 22, 2016

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With resolution 193/2016/R/gas, the Italian Regulatory Authority for Electricity Gas and Water regulates the procedure criteria for the allocation and transfer of storage capacity among users for periods equal to or less than a month.
The measure, which follows the consultation document 30/2016/R/gas and is integrated within the context of the reform of natural gas balancing with the purpose of implementing the EU Regulation no. 312/214, provides for the introduction of two mechanisms for capacity allocation:
  • a day-ahead market of continuous and interruptible capacity organised according to existing procedures provided for the monthly and weekly capacity allocation;
  • the storage overnomination by users during the gas day.
In particular, the resolution defines both the procedures and the methods for the allocation of storage capacity on a monthly, weekly and daily basis, organised in two sessions. The resolutions defines as well that  the capacity allocation have to be transferred into the Storage Charges Account (Conto oneri stoccaggio) managed by the Energy and Environmental Services Fund (Cassa per I servizi energetici e ambientali - CSEA).
In conclusion, within the definition of the proposed amendments of Codes on storage, the resolution assigns storage companies with the task of evaluating the implementation aspects within the next 45 days, and, in particular, the timing for the implementation of sessions and of the mechanisms of overnomination, also indicating the transitional methods of application, in the event of implementation criticalities. The provisions of the decision will be effective at a date that will be defined in a subsequent decision within the context of the reform proceedings relating to the natural gas balancing.     

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