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Implementation of the reform on grid tariffs and tariff components to cover the general system costs for electricity household customers

Resolution 782/2016/R/eel

December 23, 2016

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With resolution 782/2016/R/eel, the Regulatory Authority for Electricity Gas and Water implements the second step of the reform on grid tariffs and tariff components to cover the general system costs for electricity household customers.

Starting 1 January 2017, according to resolution 582/2015/R/eel, which is being corrected in some limited ways, the measure provides for the following:
  • the tariff fees for grid services (transmission, distribution and metering) should take the trinomial structure TD for all residential customers, regardless of legal residence, thus cancelling any progressivity;
  • the fees to cover general system costs should be redefined so as to soften the effect of progressivity through consumption and to limit to two the number of different rates, diversified over annual consumption tariff brackets(0 to 1,800 kWh/year, over 1,800 kWh/year), and introducing just for component A3 a fixed rate fee (euro/year) charged to non-residential customers only;
  • these two tariff brackets ("scaglioni") should also be used to apply the DISPBT component,to refund the marketing activity differential applied to all end customers under the standard offer regime (thus lessening the expenditure changes expected for residential household customers);
  • the subtype distinction between household customers based on place of residence and contracted power should be superseded, leaving only a differentiation between residential and non-residential customers for the purpose of applying general system costs and the DISPBT component.
The new changes are transposed, effective 1 January 2017, from the "Integrated Text on the provisions for the delivery of electricity transmission and distribution services" (TIT), which is attached to resolution 782/2016/R/eel. Measures are also introduced to facilitate the search for the optimal contracted power level, providing for a period of twenty-four months (1 April 2017 to 31 March 2019) the cancellation of the fixed fee covering the administrative costs due to each request to change the power level provided and the reduction by about 20% of the energy fee for increases up to 6 kW; measures to protect the customers' "right to reconsider" are also provided, for those who increase and then decrease used power and/or vice versa. The definition of an equalization mechanism for distributors with reference to the cancelled fixed fee is postponed to a subsequent measure. For household customers who subscribed to the trial tariff for heat pumps (formerly D1 tariff)
- resolution 205/2014/R/eel - the measure provides for the application of the completely non-progressive tariff structure already in 2017, which will come fully operational in 2018 for all household customers. Lastly, the Bill 2.0 ("Bolletta 2.0") Glossary definitions for tariff brackets  ("scaglioni") and "meter management and transport expenditure" are updated in a consistent manner, and provisions are planned in relation to the information of the Official Central Register (RCU) of the Integrated Information System (SII).

This sheet is for disclosure purposes only; it is not a measure.